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LetMeRepair is one of the leading international service providers in the field of telecommunications, consumer electronics and computer technology. As an authorised partner of the manufacturing industry, with more than ten years of experience, we realise the quality requirements of our customers at the highest level. LetMeRepair is an independent partner of well-known manufacturers such as: Archos, Asus, Audioline, Benq, Grundig, LG, Medion, Nintendo, Nokia, Pure, Samsung, Sonoro, Vestel, Zyxel.


We are a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company focusing on supporting the complete, “presales” and “after sales cycles” for the IT, office automation, consumer Electronics and telecommunication industries. LetMeRepair has set its goal to be the most efficient service company while achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction.

LetMeRepair has set its goal to be the most efficient repair and contract assembly company whilst achieving the highest
possible customer satisfaction.

Our methods to achieve Our Mission

  • Complete EDI interfacing with our customers.

  • Real time data transfer for all customer required data.

  • Complete transparency of our activities.

  • Guaranteed FIFO processes in the repair loop.

  • Manage the product and materials flows on a state of the art conveyor system.

  • Invest in tooling, equipment, knowledge and our employees.

  • Ensure an ESD conform work environment.

  • Achieve the optimal turnaround times.

  • Deskill the repair processes and reduce cost.

  • A dedicate quality control and a 100% end check on every repaired product.

  • Offer and accept a workmanship warranty on all repair activities performed.

  • Dedicated KPI measurements controlled daily. This data is made available to the customer if required.

  • Highly motivated staff who identify themselves with “their company”.

  • Dedicate operational and management project owners.

  • Commitment to excellence.

  • Treat all customer information as strictly confidential.

  • Be prepared to offer a strategic cooperation with the manufacturer; securing all financial transactions and ensuring dedicated
    management resources to guarantee a successful cooperation.

  • Treat all Customers Equally.

It must be understood that we repair other, similar products for several manufacturers.
We also have our focus on the after sales service activities.

All manufacturer information is always treated strictly confidential.

LetMeRepair Careers

Considering a career with LetMeRepair UK?

We are looking to expand across the whole of the UK to offer our on site repairs and customer drop in centers at your doorstep.

Contact us for some more information.


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