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Terms and Conditions of service

Service Evaluation and Quotation

Quotations made by our repair technicians is only an assessment based on the fault description you have provided to us via our Online Contact Form, our email conversations or through our conversation on the telephone. There are cases that the price of the repair of the unit becomes higher than the estimated price. These usually occur when the fault description provided to us was inaccurate, or in the event that we found other faults in your unit. When these instances occur, you will be contacted personally to further discuss the details and the price of repair for any faults we find.

Minimum Charge for Repairs

All repairs are subject to a “minimum charge”. The minimum amount charges cover our repair specialist’ time and any parts used to attempt to repair on the unit. After thorough inspection of the unit, the minimum charge will become due:

• When it would be cheaper for you to purchase a new device than fixing your old one or the unit is “Beyond Economical Repair”.

• When we provide a new repair quotation and you refuse this quotation. Note that return postage cost will be charged in addition to the minimum charge. We may waive the minimum charge and return postage at our discretion, provided you give us permission to use the damaged unit for spare parts.

Turn Around time

Repairs usually take 3-5 days from the date they arrive at our repair center, this apart from the time taken to deliver the unit which is outwith our control. During peak seasons, repairs can take much longer to be fixed and processed. For individuals that require the unit back as quickly as possible,  and then we strongly recommend that you select the “VIP Repair” options.

Repair warranty

Most of our repair service carries a 12 month limited warranty except for the following repairs:

Liquid damage repair – 30 day warranty

Console main board repairs – 30 day warranty

For repairs arranged through Manufacturers directly please refer to their Warranty Policy.


Unpaid repairs

All units after they are either fixed declared beyond economical repair or require a re-quote will be held for 45 days maximum. We will make reasonable attempts to contact you by phone and email a minimum of 3 times. If no payment was received within 45 days, the unit will be auctioned to recover the costs of repairs made.


Liquid Damage Repairs

Liquid or water damage repairs are carried out on a “best endeavours” only basis. The possibility of the original fault reappearing is high after the unit has been repaired and sometimes the faults can even get worse over a period of time. We offer only a 30 day warranty for water or liquid damage repair services


Accessories, Games, Power Supplies

Please do not send any accessories (or Console games/disks) in with your repairs unless we have specifically requested them. We may request the charger or power supply for a power related repair.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to accessories whilst in our possession (SIM cards, memory cards, chargers, boxes, cases, cables, mount etc.). On occasions we may ask for certain accessories to be sent in after our initial diagnosis for further testing as they may be related to the fault.


User’s Data and Information Losses

We will do our best to retain all data your unit has, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost data, including;

• Photos & videos

• Contacts and Addresses

• Saved game data (for Consoles)

• Favourite locations (for Sat Navs)

• Music (e.g. MP3)

• Applications

Please make certain that you have all important data has a backup before sending it to us.



We will notify you by email about Payments once a repair has either been completed successfully, if the unit has been deemed beyond economical repair or you refuse a re-quote. Cheque payments are subject to approximately 5 working days clearance delay.

We also accept payments using Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Maestro, Solo, Visa, Delta, & PayPal via our payment system.


Mistakes in bills, receipts or payments

Whilst we try our outmost to ensure accuracy in all that we do, mistakes occasionally do happen. We will correct any mistakes made in bills, receipts or payments as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days of agreeing to do so.



We always try to keep our customers satisfied, and our complaint resolution system helps us to ensure that our customers are always satisfied, even when things go wrong.

For any complaints or suggestions, please contact us either by email or by letter. Upon receiving your complaint, we will investigate every detail to see what went wrong and resolve it to your satisfaction.


We agree to:

• Acknowledge any complaints we receive within 5 working days

• Advise you on how long it will take to resolve the complaint

• Keep you informed all throughout the process

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